Book Guidelines

Requirements for books to be reviewed:

1. All books must be Christian books (evangelical Christian worldview) and available at one or more of the following retailers in either print or eBook format: Koorong, WORD, Amazon, Smashwords, The Book Depository.

2. Preference may be given to Australian books but we will accept books from other countries as long as they  fulfil the guidelines.

3. Books should not have graphic or violent content and would rate about a G rating.

4. While we will consider self published books we do require the books to be of a high quality and well edited. 

5. Review copies of books will need to be provided, print books are only required for Australian Readers who do not have an ereader, but pdf, or an electrical copy will be required for international readers.

6. You may restrict the number of print books available for review copies on a first come, first served basis. 

7. When your book is accepted we will send an email with further information and instructions on what we will require about the author, book etc. for the blog post. This is where we outline the information required ie Author information.

8. We allow 3 months from the time of submission to the blog tour to allow time for the books to be sent out  in time for the tour. 2 months before a tour we will give bloggers a week to request the book directly from the contact person. The book needs to be sent out 6 weeks before the tour to allow reading time.

9. Once you have the bloggers list we require you to send us the names of the members who signed up for the book. We will include a current list of blog alliance members on a web page linked to our blog which will be regularly updated as new members join the alliance. 

10. Please select 3 different months when you would like your book to be included in the blog alliance and make sure these months are at least 4 months after the date of your application. If your book is selected we will slot it into our schedule on one of the months you have chosen. If those dates are already full we will contact you to arrange an alternative date. Please check the schedule before submitting to see which months are available. 

11. In order to help us select books for the tours, please attach a copy of Chapter One in pdf format and include the product description ie. back cover blurb. We will reject submissions that don't include the required documentation. Please do not attach your complete manuscript. We will contact you if we want to read further chapters or need a chapter outline in order to make a decision regarding the suitability of your book.