Requirements for membership by Reviewers:

1. An established blog with an active readership. To satisfy this requirement you will need to have been blogging for a period of six months to show you are committed to posting and that you are posting a minimum of two posts a week. We will consider your request if you have been a blogger for less than six months but are actively posting several posts a week. We want the alliance to enhance your blog and not be the reason for your blog.

2. A love for books.

3. The desire to promote Christian books both fiction and/or nonfiction. While some reviewers will focus on one form over the other, we would still encourage you to post the information for both tours. The information on each tour will be provided and you are not required to request books that you are not interested in reading. By posting the information it lets your readers know about the new books.

4. You will not be required to request every book that is offered.

5. The books will be supplied to you free of charge, either by eBook or hard copy. These books are yours to keep but you are not permitted to sell these books in any form.  Some books will be Advance Reader Copies (ARC's) which are used for reviewers and promotion but may still have errors in the editing. These are not the final copy and must not be sold. When you receive a final copy of a book, you may use it for a giveaway on your blog or donate it a local library or someplace where books are appreciated if you wish.

6. If you request a book, you are required to post the standard ACRBA post as well as a review of the book. If there is a reason for not posting a review, you need to let us know so we can pass on this information to the author or publisher.

7. You can post just the standard ACRBA post for any books you do not request. Even if you do not request the book, this standard post gives additional exposure to the authors.

8. Alliance members are required to post at least one ACRBA post every three months to stay active. It is encouraged that you post even if you do not request the book. Please let us know if there is a reason why you not posting, otherwise your membership may be suspended.

9. If you request a book, you will be required to post a review.  If you need to post the review later, please make sure you mention this in the standard ACRBA post during the blog tour dates.  Failure to post or contact us could result in the suspension of your ACRBA membership. If you miss 3 tours, you will be suspended for 6 months and you will need to reapply to join the alliance. This is necessary as the publishers, and in some cases the authors, are providing the books for free in exchange for an honest review. It is not fair to the authors if you do not post at least the standard post.

10. Please complete the membership form on our Application Page (Click here) if you would like to join our Alliance!

New guidelines for Friends of ACRBA

1.  The main difference is for Friends of ACRBA you just need a blog. You will not be able to request a book but you will be able to post the HTML for any of the blog tours. Its a great way to support other authors and add content to your blog.