Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join? 
A: You can fill in the form on our Application page and we will try get back to you within 7 days. Please allow 10 days before reapplying. If you are asking questions, we will reply as so as we can but please allow time before resending your query.

Q: Is there a fee for being a member or for the books we will receive?
A: There are no fees involved. The books are sent to you free of charge from the publishers and/or the authors. Bloggers are volunteers who are valued for their time and effort in helping promote books.

Q: What is the goal of each blog book tour?
A: The tour goal is to raise awareness of the featured book across the internet by having the post on as many blogs as possible in a five day period (Monday - Friday).

At this stage FICTION will be on the FIRST Monday-Friday of the month and NONFICTION or CHILDREN'S books will be the THIRD Monday - Friday of the month. 

It is our goal to eventually add more tours.

Q: Do I have to participate in every blog tour?
A: No. You are only obligated to participate in tours for which you have requested books to review. We would however appreciate you posting at least once a month. If you are not requesting books, we still do require you to post at least once every three months. We understand that not all readers like all genres but we hope you will be able to find at least one book every three months to read. It's most important because this is a participation alliance with a goal of getting the news out there about books.

Q. How do I participate in a tour?
A. Approximately three months before the tour, an email will be sent out to all members with the date of the tour, name of the book and author plus a short description of the book. You will then have a set amount of time to reply to the contact for the book. In some cases there may be a limit to the number of books available and this will mean the first to reply will be given first preference. Hard copies of print books will only be sent to Australian addresses, but eBook or pdf options will be available to everyone.

Q. I do not live in Australia but I would like to become a member. Can I join?
A. Yes. We welcome overseas readers who would like to promote books. While Australian books will often be given first preference, other books will also be included. Hard copies of books will only be sent to Australian mailing addresses but eBooks and pdf’s will be available to  all.

Q: What do I do if I read the book but don't feel I can review the book?
A: For every blog tour we provide an introductory post on the ACRBA blog. You are free to call up the Page Source code and copy the post to use on your own blog. Email the moderators and  alert them to the reason why you don’t feel you can review the book. If possible we would still want the standard ACRBA post information to be posted on your blog.

Q: I want to write my own review but where do I get the author picture or book cover pictures?
A: When we post the introductory blog tour post on the ACRBA blog, at the bottom of the post is a text area box that contains the author photo link, and a box that contains the book cover link. You can copy and paste each of these links into your post.

Q: What are the required elements of a blog tour post?
A: Other than the title of the book and the author's name, the only thing we require is the link to the book on one or more of the following sites: Amazon, Koorong, Smashwords, The Book Depository and WORD. Koorong and WORD are Australian book stores. If you are part of an affiliate program you may use your own links here. The Author’s website will be included in their bio.

Q: Are there others ways to participate in the tours?
A: Yes. We supply author contact information, and you can contact the author and do an email interview to post in place of a review if you wish.

Q: What if I didn't order the book, can I still participate?
A: Yes. Participants are always welcome, in fact it’s encouraged. You can copy the introductory review, or contact the author and do an email interview. This is a good way of meeting all of our authors!

Q: How do I know when to post the book review?
A: Each book has a specific posting window. At this stage from the first Monday to Friday in the month will be Fiction and the third Monday to Friday will be Nonfiction or Children's books.

Q: But what if I can't post for the tour during the scheduled week?
A: When you request a book, you will be aware of the time frame for the post to be posted. Please do not request a book if you know you will not be able to post during the scheduled time frame. The code should be available a couple of days before the post is due so you will be able to schedule your post in advance. If something happens to delay posting, eg. sickness, or emergencies, loss of internet etc, please let us know ASAP so we are aware and then post when you are able. 

Repeated non-posting of books that you have ordered will lead to your membership being suspended for a period of time. This will happen if you miss three tours.