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ACRBA Blog tour Let the Sea Roar by 10 Authors

4 - 8 September 2017

Australian Christian Readers Blog Alliance 

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(By the Light Books January 27, 2016)

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Book Description:

With over thirty inspirational short stories by ten authors, Let the Sea Roar explores how women cope with turning points in their lives.

The fictional stories trace women’s journeys through overwhelming challenges and difficulties as they find their way to comfort, direction, and an encounter with God.

These moving stories explore spiritual insights on universal themes such as grief, alcoholism, marriage breakup, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, poverty and homelessness.

The anthology portrays the human condition from a Christian world-view. Recommended for women of all ages and walks of life.

About the Author:
JEANETTE O’HAGAN first started spinning tales in the world of Nardva at the age of nine. She enjoys writing fiction, poetry, blogging and editing. 

She is writing her Akrad’s Legacy Series—a Young Adult secondary world fantasy fiction with adventure, courtly intrigue and romantic elements. Her short stories and poems are published in a number of anthologies including Glimpses of Light, Another Time Another Place and Like a Girl. She has recently published her short novella, Heart of the Mountain and, in Mixed Blessings: Genrellly Speaking anthology, also a flash fiction 'Space Junk'.

Jeanette has practised medicine, studied communication, history, theology and, more recently, a Master of Arts (writing). She is a member of several writers’ groups. She loves reading, painting, travel, catching up for coffee with friends and pondering the meaning of life.  Jeanette lives in Brisbane with her husband and children.

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